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This is the  latest book in our series of city fun guides. It is a collection of observations that each tell a story, and they are often missed by the visitor to the city. The book has examples of “Sheffieldish”, the unique dialect still spoken in some parts of the city, and is accompanied by a cartoon illustration.

It is not widely known that the city has a World War II pill box as large as a house, or a radio mast disguised as a tree, or even a cold war bunker near a golf course. These and many other objects of interest are all there to be seen free of charge, and the locations are given in the book by either a street or postcode. (Correct at time of publishing)

The book also gives an insight to Sheffield life in the 1960’s and the way people lived at that time. Its odd now to think that newspaper was used as toilet paper, and women would whiten their doorsteps with “Donkey stone”. Biscuits were sold by the ounce, and parking meters and cars on the road were few and far between. Cars back then had to fit a “parking light” if left on the road overnight. Buying clothes was “on tick” and the corner shop was vital because supermarkets were few and far between. The city centre markets and stores were the main places people shopped for food and home furnishings.

Today the city is adorned with street art - some are fantastic works in their own right and sometimes in the oddest of places;- such as a car park, a side of a domestic house, or even an alcove in a brick wall.

 Ghost trails, spring-heeled Jack, Sheffield history and legend, can all be found in this book that has over 100 colour and black and white photographs. It’s a great read, or it can be used to getting out and about on a Sunday morning, either as family fun, or using it to compete against each other to find the answers first.

Even as a resident of Sheffield there may be something to amaze you, and visit, and we donate 25p per copy to St Luke’s Hospice from each book sale.

Old Sheffield photos, hidden gems, nostalgia, Sheffieldish dialect and more.

Our latest book release!

Remember Sheffield’s “Twin Towers” Seen here?

 They are gone now, but they were iconic as you passed them on the M1 Tinsley viaduct. Hopefully the new “Man of Steel” to be sited soon will take their place in marking Sheffield on the M1 map.

Ey-Up!  Ow ar tha?

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