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This book contains things to see in the city that could easily be missed by a visitor.  Such as a cold war bunker, a WWII pill box, and even a transmitter disguised as a tree. Discover their secret story, and their locations. Fun cartoons, and phrases in “Sheffieldish.”

No visit to this city is complete without visiting the Minster, but don't miss the cities many other gems such as the York Cats, The Printers Devil, and The little Indian, to name a few. but why are they there, and what is their purpose and their secret story?

This book begins from the Kings Postal service to the present day Royal Mail Group. Inside is a look at mail rail, machines to deliver the mail, and even a trial to deliver the post by rocket.  Access to the BPMA archives, and staff stories, make this a unique book.

new photos make this a unique book.

A brief history of the

Royal Mail Group

Things not to miss when

visiting York

Things you may not know

about Sheffield?

Our city books contain quests that a family or friends can compete against each other for fun, and to see who can find the featured items first. Alternatively, the books can be used to raise funds as teams compete against each other.

 Our wide variety of Quizzes have been used for group entertainment, and to raise funds for local clubs and organisations. There is something for everyone. The appointed “Quiz master” is aided throughout using our print off Quiz sheets, that start from £1.00. Once purchased you can print off as many as you need or you can ask us to do it for you.

(Extra printing charges and postage applies)

We can even create a quiz of your choice from £1.50.

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Soyouknow Sheffield secrets 1 Soyouknow Sheffield secrets 1

York “Secrets”

Sheffield “Secrets”

SYK Royal Mail?

York Secrets 1

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soyouknow Royal Mail

Compete or Family Fun or Fund-raise for a cause

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Our Quizzes

Our Quizzes